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Press statement

In light of some inaccurate reportage of our accident at Elvington Airfield on Friday, August 18th, during the build-up to an attempt on the 301.670 mph UK land speed record, Team DUO STAY GOLD issues this statement of the facts.

Driver, David Tremayne:

“With full reheat operative for the first time we got a great getaway from the startline, 500 metres from the measured 500-metre section.

“The run through the traps occupied just 4.046s, but seemed to take forever because of the slow-motion effect.

“I deployed the primary parachute just as we approached the yellow and black exit marker boards, the one on the right also containing the red light which had been my aiming point throughout the run.

“The chute deployed well and immediately started to slow the car, but without any warning the vehicle then rotated as the rear end yawed to my right. I knew immediately that we were in trouble, but watched with detachment as the left front wheel lifted as the car rolled on to its right-hand side. It was impossible to regain control at the speed we were going.

“It then rolled on to its left-hand side before rolling over, but fortunately landed on its wheels. I detached the steering wheel and loosened the seat belts, and had stepped out before the medics arrived.

“The whole accident occupied around 12 seconds, and apart from a bruised left knee my only injury was  a slightly scraped finger on my right hand.”

STAY GOLD averaged 275.260 mph through the 500 metres. Thus we were within 30 mph of our ultimate target speed of 305 mph. And well on course to beat the UK Timing Association land speed record of 261 mph, which was the aim on that run and which would have required us to make a return run to back it up.

Our peak speed was 296.6 mph.

Team DUO STAY GOLD will now regroup and repair the car, which sustained remarkably little significant damage given the high-speed nature of the accident.

We will also conduct an intensive investigation into the cause of the accident and continue the search for funding, and intend to run again and finish what we started once our financial situation enables us to.



Darlington-based Team DUO STAY GOLD comprises David Tremayne, (project leader and driver); Tom Tremayne (crew chief), Sam Tremayne (media), Paul Stabler, Bill Smith, Mike Bull, John Barron, Richie Harrison and Paul Jewell (engineering).

Sponsorship is via Alex Moss at Coventry-based aggregates company DUO Plc, with technical support from Racelogic and Alpinestars.