To inspire people to live their dreams by driving the STAY GOLD jetcar to beat the 301.670 mph UK land speed record


Stay Gold comes from the 1923 Robert Frost poem, ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’:

  Nature’s first green is gold

  Her hardest hue to hold

  Her early leaf’s a flower

  But only so an hour

  Then leaf subsides to leaf

  So Eden sank to grief

  So dawn goes down to day

  Nothing gold can stay

The poem’s meaning is simple: life always moves on, people and things get older, they can never stay the same. No matter how beautiful some things are, they always pass their peak eventually.

  Our message, however, is one of defiance. We define STAY GOLD thus: Find your beautiful moments, your beautiful people, and hold fast to them. Make them special. Make them last forever, in your heart and in the memories of others.

  Stay Gold. Stay young. Stay true to yourself. Never be afraid to reach for your dream, and to live it. Whatever or whomever you believe in or desire, never give up, never let go.