Please think about that for a moment, and what it implies for any of us.

It is very important to me, as a man finally able to live his dream, that Team STAY GOLD contributes something meaningful over and above challenging the UK land speed record.

I thought long and hard before deciding that I wanted to adopt WINGS FOR LIFE as our official charity.

This is why I chose it.

Twenty five years ago my journalistic colleague Gordon Cruickshank of Motor Sport magazine was paralysed during a Mercedes-Benz new car launch. I spent some time speaking with Frank Williams about how best to handle his situation, and made many visits to Stoke Mandeville during Gordon’s rehabilitation.

I saw up-close what it means for people to lose the mobility that it’s so easy for all of us to take for granted.

Tom, too, saw it when his friend Honda MXGP rider Joel Roelants was injured at a World Championship Motocross GP meeting in Maggiora, Italy in June 2014.

Everything that WINGS FOR LIFE represents thus resonates on a very personal level here at STAY GOLD.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of technological advancement, yet once a spinal cord is severed, that’s it. Your mobility is irreparably impaired.

So many paraplegics set us empowering examples of how strength and courage can see a person through such trauma and help them to live fulfilling and inspiring lives. Gordon and Joel are outstanding in that respect. But at a time when heart transplants have become an almost routine miracle, and various other organ transplants are commonplace, we would so dearly love to see spinal cord injuries become reparable.

Scientists agree that injured neutrons can be regenerated, and that paraplegia will one day be curable.

That’s why WINGS FOR LIFE is so important.

It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to:

– Cutting-edge medical research

– Clinical studies and trials

– Scientific communication

– Prevention

All of which costs money.

I‘m terribly proud to carry WINGS FOR LIFE logos on STAY GOLD, and to wear my WINGS FOR LIFE wristband. But, I freely admit, I’m crap at shaking a collecting tin at people who come to watch us.

That’s why I want to use STAY GOLD to raise as much as we possibly can to make a valuable contribution to WINGS FOR LIFE’s endeavours.

Thus, as you read this, I ask only one thing: Please make whatever contribution you feel able to make. It couldn’t be easier: simply activate the link here or on our Facebook page to, or access it via text at

STAY GOLD won’t receive a penny of your contributions. Everything you give will go direct to WINGS FOR LIFE, where the administrative costs are covered by founders Heinz Kinigadner and Dietrich Mateschitz to ensure that the impact of every donation is maximised 100 percent.

STAY GOLD is all about living the dream.

But wouldn’t it be fabulous if, while we are able to experience the exhilaration of doing that, all of us could also be a key part of somebody else’s much bigger, much more crucial dream?

Thank you.


‘What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others’

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