Elvington Airfield near York in North Yorkshire will be the venue for our record attempt.

The former RAF base has seen the UK land speed record broken before; Tony Densham was successful there with Commuter in 1970, as in later years were Barry Bowles in Blonde Bombshell, Colin Fallows in Vampire and Mark Newby in Split Second.

The airfield became Fleet Street media fodder when Richard Hammond destroyed Vampire in a 280 mph accident on 20 September 2006.

The home of various motorsport events and land yacht racing, Elvington has a 9842 foot (3000 metre) long runway and plentiful run-off area.




The former RAF Kemble is now the privately owned Cotswold Airport, and was STAY GOLD’s home from mid-2012 until December 2014.

Our initial tests were conducted there on the 6561 foot (2009 metre) runway in August 2012.

Kemble 016